Taking the Leap: My First Game on Steam

My Journey

Throughout the years, I have participated in game development projects that have been played by millions of players on various platforms (mainly mobile and web), but always for third parties. On my own, I have dabbled in game jams and even created a moderately successful online multiplayer game, but I haven’t managed to monetize any of these attempts.

Gradually, I have shifted away from game development and found my place in creating tools and services for other developers to create games, as well as building the necessary infrastructure for applications and multiplayer games to work.

Rediscovering Game Development

However, I miss the excitement of game development. It’s fun, challenging, and I love creating things that others can enjoy. I’ve always wanted to make a game for Steam, and it feels like the perfect moment to jump in and give it a go!

The Plan

I’ll be using Rust and Notan beause I enjoy using it. My goal is to test my stack with small projects and learn about the desktop market while building a community who wants to play my games.

The plan, at least on paper, is simple:

  • Create fun short game prototypes
  • Validate and iterate until they feels right
  • Share each phase’s progress on social media
  • Ultimately publish on Steam

Juggling all this with life’s responsibilities (job, family, etc.) will be a challenge, but I’m excited to see how it goes. Wish me luck!

I will share the entire process on this blog, covering everything from algorithms and game design to marketing and business aspects.

Join Me on This Adventure

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